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Listener: Heechul oppa favorite girls grp is Wonder Girls right? Actually u like Sohee the most?
Hee: Ah~ this is our grp secret~ Sohee ssi existence is just like the air exist in our live
Teuk: My life (destiny)
Hyuk: Just like breathing
Hee: Although I don’t always think (of her), is really like breathing
Hyuk: Beyond breathing
Hee: hahaha~

Cr: 凝幻 + @HeechulSJFacts




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a new song???? yay!!!~~~~ finally…~~~~

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some JYPNation…~~~~

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Q: Any celebrity friends?

“Yoobin & I were good friends when we were musical students at Myongji University. So I know her quite well, even before she debuted. Suju’s Sungmin & Sistar’s Bora are from the same school too.” (Donghyun)

Yoobin has a lot of friends,indeed….

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ayooo ^.^i would never think she’d do that…


Heechul: So let’s see who’s the caller. Hello?

Sohee: Yes. Hello.

Heechul: Oh what (interrupted by romantic music)…where are you from caller?

Sohee: Yes i am from Cheongsam-dong and my name is Sohee….(cut by Heechul’s loud laugh)

Heechul: Oh daebak!!!!(loud scream) Really?

Sohee: Yes Hello.

Heechul: Yes Hello. I’m Kim Heechul ahhh…wahh this is really awkward. Sohee you’ve been really busy these days…

Sohee: Yes i have a schedule here so …

Heechul: wahh Thank you very much. Do you listen to Youngstreet?

Sohee: Oh when i’m here in Korea and when i’m free i do listen to it.

Heechul: Well how is it then? How is Heechul oppa?

Sohee: *awkward laugh* omo… you are so talented and fun host that’s why i have great time listening to your radio show.

Heechul: I always think of Sohee during broadcast. We met in Family Outing 2 right?

Sohee: Yes. During that time you took such good care of me and i am very thankful for that. *polite manner*

Heechul: Yes thank you. I recently met Park Jin-young and he kept praising you.

Sohee: *startled* PD-nim? haha

Heechul: Yes whenever we meet and he always praises you. He told me to stop bothering him.

Sohee: ahhh *awkward laugh*

Heechul: How about your US activities?

Sohee: Yes doing a lot and very comfortable lifestyle.

Heechul: Ahh thank you. Today’s my last day of being a DJ here.

Sohee: Yes Yes i heard

Heechul: I hope our Sohee doesn’t misunderstood this so please wait… *shouts at the staff* Stop the music! I can’t hear anything. Now Sohee can hear me right?

Sohee: Yes *laugh*

Heechul: This is the last question sent for the day. What is Heechul to Sohee?

*brief silence*

Sohee: ohh…

Heechul: What the hell is this..

Sohee: an oppa whom i’m very thankful to

Heechul: You’re the person i’m very thankful towards too. Whenever i’m irritated and i feel like i want to hit someone i would always think of Sohee. And then that would calm me down.

Sohee: hahaha Yes.

Heechul: It’s fun right? Honestly, oppa is fun and entertaining right?

Sohee: Yes indeed very entertaining.

Heechul: So please last words for me so that i can wrap up this show nicely. Thank You.

Sohee: I’ve enjoyed listening to your radio show. I will root for your album’s release so please show us a great stage. Thank you.

Heechul: Thank you…isn’t tomorrow your birthday?

Sohee: *startled* Yes that’s right.

Heechul: Happy Birthday and i will play Wondergirls’ Nobody for you.

Sohee: Yes Thank you.

Heechul: Yes Thanks.

*Nobody playing*


translation by wonderr23@soompi

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so UNICEF aka United Nations Children’s Fund and many kpop singers and actors are working together these days. i have to say that i’m so surprised about this,but it’s a happy surprise.


UNICEF Birthday Donation Campaign in Korea.

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all JYPE’s artits are in this.

YPE & UNICEF are joining hands to help underprivileged children enjoy nutritious food. JYPE has always been proactive in civic activities, & its artistes often do charity work privately within show business too. In addition the annual charity performances at Samsung Medical Center, JYPE is also teaming up specially with UNICEF this year to raise funds via donations during its artistes’ respective birthdays.

A representative said: “Often, the fans are unsure about their presents to the artistes, about what will be viewed as more meaningful gifts. Through the co-campaign with UNICEF this year, the fans can not only bear gifts, but also donate money too, so as to help provide nutritious food to underprivileged children.” From June onwards, the JYPE artistes will unveil “My Desired Presents” videos during their respective birthdays, so as to invite the fans to do their best to aid these kids.

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now that’s a wow!

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