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Listener: Heechul oppa favorite girls grp is Wonder Girls right? Actually u like Sohee the most?
Hee: Ah~ this is our grp secret~ Sohee ssi existence is just like the air exist in our live
Teuk: My life (destiny)
Hyuk: Just like breathing
Hee: Although I don’t always think (of her), is really like breathing
Hyuk: Beyond breathing
Hee: hahaha~

Cr: 凝幻 + @HeechulSJFacts




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a new song???? yay!!!~~~~ finally…~~~~

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ayooo ^.^i would never think she’d do that…


Heechul: So let’s see who’s the caller. Hello?

Sohee: Yes. Hello.

Heechul: Oh what (interrupted by romantic music)…where are you from caller?

Sohee: Yes i am from Cheongsam-dong and my name is Sohee….(cut by Heechul’s loud laugh)

Heechul: Oh daebak!!!!(loud scream) Really?

Sohee: Yes Hello.

Heechul: Yes Hello. I’m Kim Heechul ahhh…wahh this is really awkward. Sohee you’ve been really busy these days…

Sohee: Yes i have a schedule here so …

Heechul: wahh Thank you very much. Do you listen to Youngstreet?

Sohee: Oh when i’m here in Korea and when i’m free i do listen to it.

Heechul: Well how is it then? How is Heechul oppa?

Sohee: *awkward laugh* omo… you are so talented and fun host that’s why i have great time listening to your radio show.

Heechul: I always think of Sohee during broadcast. We met in Family Outing 2 right?

Sohee: Yes. During that time you took such good care of me and i am very thankful for that. *polite manner*

Heechul: Yes thank you. I recently met Park Jin-young and he kept praising you.

Sohee: *startled* PD-nim? haha

Heechul: Yes whenever we meet and he always praises you. He told me to stop bothering him.

Sohee: ahhh *awkward laugh*

Heechul: How about your US activities?

Sohee: Yes doing a lot and very comfortable lifestyle.

Heechul: Ahh thank you. Today’s my last day of being a DJ here.

Sohee: Yes Yes i heard

Heechul: I hope our Sohee doesn’t misunderstood this so please wait… *shouts at the staff* Stop the music! I can’t hear anything. Now Sohee can hear me right?

Sohee: Yes *laugh*

Heechul: This is the last question sent for the day. What is Heechul to Sohee?

*brief silence*

Sohee: ohh…

Heechul: What the hell is this..

Sohee: an oppa whom i’m very thankful to

Heechul: You’re the person i’m very thankful towards too. Whenever i’m irritated and i feel like i want to hit someone i would always think of Sohee. And then that would calm me down.

Sohee: hahaha Yes.

Heechul: It’s fun right? Honestly, oppa is fun and entertaining right?

Sohee: Yes indeed very entertaining.

Heechul: So please last words for me so that i can wrap up this show nicely. Thank You.

Sohee: I’ve enjoyed listening to your radio show. I will root for your album’s release so please show us a great stage. Thank you.

Heechul: Thank you…isn’t tomorrow your birthday?

Sohee: *startled* Yes that’s right.

Heechul: Happy Birthday and i will play Wondergirls’ Nobody for you.

Sohee: Yes Thank you.

Heechul: Yes Thanks.

*Nobody playing*


translation by wonderr23@soompi

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  1. DBSK- 767, 005 http://cafe.daum.net/soul48
  2. Big Bang- 352,566 http://cafe.daum.net/YGBIGBANG
  3. SNSD- 305,018 http://cafe.daum.net/milkye
  4. Super Junior- 235, 431 http://cafe.daum.net/secondemugame
  5. 2PM- 209, 822 http://cafe.daum.net/2PM
  6. BEAST- 132, 360 http://cafe.daum.net/playb2st
  7. Shinee- 126, 503 http://cafe.daum.net/TVNDRM
  8. Wonder Girls- 105, 423 http://cafe.daum.net/wg070210
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  10. 2NE1- 99, 608 http://cafe.daum.net/2NE1
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  28. U-kiss- 3, 941 http://cafe.daum.net/U-KISS

Credit: Mina@5BlueBirds

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Secret (Hyosung, Zinger, Sunhwa, JiEun)

Brown Eyed Girls (GaIn, Narsha, Miryo, Jea)

Wonder Girls (Sohee, SunYe, Yoobin, Sunmi, Yeeun)

4minute (Jiyoon, Gayoon, Hyuna, Sohyun, JiHyun)


Tiffany (SNSD)

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