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here they are. i didn’t include those groups whose fan cafes have less than a thousand members.

1. DBSK   742,064 http://cafe.daum.net/soul48
2. Bigbang 346,300http://cafe.daum.net/YGBIGBANG

3.snsd 298,404 http://cafe.daum.net/milkye

4. SS501 272,103 http://cafe.daum.net/music77

5. 2pm 236,967 http://cafe.daum.net/2PM
6. Super Junior 220,305 http://cafe.daum.net/secondemugame

7. BEAST197,801 http://cafe.daum.net/playb2st

8. SHINHWA 176,910 http://cafe.daum.net/SHINHWA79
9. SHINee 124,884 http://cafe.daum.net/TVNDRM

10.FT-Island 98,862 http://cafe.daum.net/fti5

11.Wonder Girls 98,707 http://cafe.daum.net/wg070210

12. 2ne1 96,388 http://cafe.daum.net/2NE1
13. MBLAQ 82,063 http://cafe.daum.net/Mblaq

14. FX 65,497 http://cafe.daum.net/91382073

15. 2AM57,895 http://cafe.daum.net/2-oclock
16. kara 55,511 http://cafe.daum.net/Dejuanholic

17.Brown Eyed Girls 43,122 http://cafe.daum.net/Browneyedgirls

18. CSJH The Grace 41,144 http://cafe.daum.net/cheonsangjihee

19. Seeya 38,246 http://cafe.daum.net/seeyawithyou

19. CNBLUE 37, 231 http://cafe.daum.net/CNBLUE
20. 4minute: 31,114 http://cafe.daum.net/4minute

21. ZE:A 26,013 http://cafe.daum.net/Starempire

22. Miss A 25, 547 http://cafe.daum.net/missA

23. Teen top 25, 480 http://cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP

24.After school 19,958 http://cafe.daum.net/PlaygirlzAS

25. Infinite 19, 457 http://cafe.daum.net/Infinitecafe
26. Co-ed school 15,665 ttp://cafe.daum.net/HairMan

27. Secret 13,034 http://cafe.daum.net/SECRETTIME
28. Super Nova 12,660 http://cafe.daum.net/quintuplet5

29. 4men 10, 809 http://cafe.daum.net/4men

30. Rainbow 7,595 http://cafe.daum.net/Rainbow1114

31. B1A4 7,433 http://cafe.daum.net/-b1a4

32. Block B 4,900 http://cafe.daum.net/BB-Club

33. 8eight 4,489 http://cafe.daum.net/ForEight

34.Sistar 3,875 http://cafe.daum.net/SISTAR4

35. U-kiss 3,495 http://cafe.daum.net/U-KISS

36. Nine Muses 2,712 http://cafe.daum.net/9muses

37. Dal Shabet 2,545 http://cafe.daum.net/dalshabet

38. Girls Day 1,184 http://cafe.daum.net/Girlsday

Cr.: 5bluebirds.wordpress.com


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1.TVXQ  764,146
2.Bigbang 350,955
3.SNSD   305,438
4.SS501  245,373


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100921 MBLAQ Mir’s Pics

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Broadcasting Date : 2010.09.23 6:10 PM

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credit : imbc.com & AfterSchCraze &Mihyejung @ soompi

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“MBC Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships”  is currently being filmed. We will see Idols like 4minute, BEAST, Super Junior, SHINee, DamBi and a lot more. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s set to air in September 24th ^.^

Which idols will you support? vote ^


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MBLAQ’s G.O is known to have been a part of the 3-member group Tykeys back in 2007.

On the August 17th episode of Mnet’s ‘WIDE Ranking 2030′, a ranking of 30 idols who are known to have solid skills and vocals will be revealed.

About idols who have a basic training period of 2 years, and 7-8 years at most, WIDE MC Park Youngrin explained, “When you watch the harsh audition footage and other videos of these idols, you can see that their vocals are serious business.”

In this ranking, 30 idol stars known for their vocals, including C.N. Blue’s Jung Yonghwa, SNSD’s Taeyeon, Secret’s Song Jieun, Kara’s Park Gyuri, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, 2AM’s Jokwon, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and 2PM’s Junsu, will be shown.

MBLAQ’s G.O, who is ranked at 26th, was revealed to have been a part of a 3-member group called Tykeys in 2007. His stage name was JangGoon. G.O stated, “I wanted promotions to end. I had the feeling that I wanted to hide in a mouse hole”, “On the other hand, because of Tykeys, I could become a part of MBLAQ, and it helped me grow”, talking about its importance.

On this episode, G.O’s vocal skills will be revealed through a UCC video of G.O (then JangGoon) when he was in Tykeys. The footage has G.O, who says that he enjoys emotional ballads, showcasing his hidden ballad-singing skills. Even then, he was growing a mustache, and the video confirmed his history as ‘Mustache G.O’.

The episode will air on August 17th at 8PM.

SOURCE: Nate News
TRANSLATION: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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DBSK—Xiah 13913 votes
SHINEE—Jonghyun 8238 votes
SUPER JUNIOR—Yesung 6139 votes
ss501—Heo Young Saeng 4994 votes
MBLAQ—G O 920 votes
BEAST—Yoseob 900 votes

Shinhwa—Shin Hye Sung 512 votes
BIG BANG—Taeyang 404 votes
C.N.Blue—Jung Yonghwa 222 votes
2AM—JoKwon 123 votes
D-NA—Mika 119 votes
2PM—JunSu 84 votes
Z E. A—Moon Joon Young 46 votes
U-Kiss—SooHyun 38 votes
TEEN TOP—Niel 38 votes
INFINITE—WooHyun 34 votes
f .cuz—LeeU 7 votes
FT Island—Lee Hongki 3 votes
Others 37 votes

Source: Baidu
Shared bt Maggie @ ibigbang

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