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it’s out! the first song from Hyunah’s solo mini album.

no person in the world will ever convince me that Hyunah is a rapper. cuz she’s not. never was, never will.


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Deja Vu


If i hear Zico rapping i think it’s JunHyung, so confusing.. damn.

i know how Zico’ s new  fans are now saying all like

”omg! he ‘s so awesome! .. a good rapper. and he’s lyrics are like.. omg!!! and he’s so hot!!!”

and shit. . hes not bad, but i keep on having deja vu wheneven i hear him. iti keep on having deja vu s like i’ve heard it before.

like Junhyung’s rap + G-dragon’s cheap lyrics.

but it’s not like we can change it huh??

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