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^종훈 종현 홍기 정모 랑 // With Jonghun Jonghyun Hongki Jeongmo
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DBSK—Xiah 13913 votes
SHINEE—Jonghyun 8238 votes
SUPER JUNIOR—Yesung 6139 votes
ss501—Heo Young Saeng 4994 votes
MBLAQ—G O 920 votes
BEAST—Yoseob 900 votes

Shinhwa—Shin Hye Sung 512 votes
BIG BANG—Taeyang 404 votes
C.N.Blue—Jung Yonghwa 222 votes
2AM—JoKwon 123 votes
D-NA—Mika 119 votes
2PM—JunSu 84 votes
Z E. A—Moon Joon Young 46 votes
U-Kiss—SooHyun 38 votes
TEEN TOP—Niel 38 votes
INFINITE—WooHyun 34 votes
f .cuz—LeeU 7 votes
FT Island—Lee Hongki 3 votes
Others 37 votes

Source: Baidu
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by Thailand magazine

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FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed that he likes Brown Eyed Girl Narsha’s character, but her looks are not his ideal type.

In the recently recorded episode of KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell“, a segment “Love Elimination” (not official name) was specially designed for the idols in the recording studio. Lee Hongki picked Narsha, who is older than him, and the MC asked for his reason. He replied, “I like Narsha-noona for her happy-go-lucky sort of character, so I picked her.”

Following this, the MC asked, “So is she your ideal type?” and Lee Hongki answered with, “Her looks are different from my ideal type,” leaving Narsha in a confusion.

After revealing that Narsha’s looks are different from that of Lee Hongki’s ideal type, everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

Narsha was picked by 3 out of the 4 male idols in the segment, displaying her popularity among them.

This episode of “Star Golden Bell” will be aired on 2nd January.

Credits: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translations)

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I am late. ;(  I started my blog back on December 21, 2008 and last week I finally went over 150,000 page visits. Yay! This blog is now 1 year old. ^^I started this to learn about k-pop and i sure  learned a lot. I’ve posted about 1752 times this year. Thanks to all subscribers. ❤


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