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Don’t worry B2TIES

i see alot of you are upset that now all your imaginated dreams are over and you have faced the truth. no you aren’t going to marry Junhyung and stop coupling him with Hyunah.

cheer up,i’m sure it won’t last for long.not that i want it, but let’s just say it’s my intuition.

yes, a lot of kpop idols are dating each other and will keep on doing it.why wouldn’t they? because their fans want them to stay ”pure” forever?

who would ever EVER think of this kind of  couple? Junhyung and Hara.. .


well Hara’s ain’t that bad when she’s not overdoing it.



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Mnet likes to make their own tops, so let’s make our own. Mnet tops are based on k netizens opinions, but how about international fans?

Female girl group sexiest members only !

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Asia’s pop dance group f(x)’s Krystal was voted 1st on a survey titled ‘Who has the most enviable hair?’

This survey was held on Bugs Music Bugs vote on the 8th to the 14th. Other than Krystal, other popular celebrities that placed on the survey were Goo Hara (Kara), Seo In-young, IU, Ahn Sohee (Wonder Girls), and Hwayobi.


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guest: MBLAQ’s Joon

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1:Lee Hyori (Fin K.L) 57902
2:Tae Yeon (SNSD) 56833
3:Yoona (SNSD) 52747
4:Sung Yuri(Fin.k.l) 49114
5:So Hee(WG) 48591
6:JESSICA (SNSD) 47099
7:Sun Ye(WG) 45002
8:Tiffany (SNSD) 44113
9: Eugene(SES) 40946
10:Goo Hara(kara) 38880
11:Ye Eun(WG) 37218
12:YURI (SNSD) 37082
13:Ok Joo Hyun(Fin.k.l)36274
14:Uee(afterschool) 34835
15:Seo Hyun (SNSD) 33011
16:Yoo Bin(WG) 31693
17:Seung Yeon(Kara) 31805
18:Ji Yeon(T-ara) 29007
19:Sunny (SNSD) 28670
20:Soo Young(SNSD) 27994
21:Sandara Park(2NE1) 27249
22:Ji Young(kara) 25982
23:Ga Hee(afterschool) 25481
24:Hyeo Yeon(SNSD) 25448
25:Park Bom(2NE1) 23761
26:Eun Jung(T- ara) 21045
27:Nicole(Kara) 20613
28:Joo Yeon(afterschool 18491
29:CL(2NE1) 18486
30:Park Gyuri(kara) 16992

Credits to SNSD thread @ Baidu
Translated by Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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KARA’S Koo Hara Cries on Air


Kara’s Koo Hara showed tears during a show called Yong-Goo-Ra-Hwan’s Big Match.

The hosts for this show are Kim Yongman, Kim Gura, and Shin Junghwan. Big Match is a show where the stars come on the set with korean news writers/journalists. This show is a talk program where the stars tell stories about when they had accidents, that they tried hard to hide it from any journalists. And likewise, the journalists/writers would reveal some secrets and stories about stars.

In the recent recording, Koo Hara burst into tears after something a writer had said. The writer who was very close to Kara during their debut said that how he had felt sympathy and sad when Koo Hara had a slump about some articles that had harsh words about Koo Hara. Koo Hara who had heard that burst into tears and said “I’m so touched that he knew how I felt during that time”.

Another journalist said “When Kara was in a slump, we started a project called ‘Kara rul Koohara (Save Kara)’.” He also added that many male journalists picked Koo Hara as their ideal type, creating a warm atmosphere on the set. Even though she was wearing a short one-piece, she performed the “Mister” dance to return the favor, which changed the journalists into fanboys.

During the recording, the stars picked out a ‘journalist that angered them the most”. The stars confessed all the hardships they went through because of the journalists. On the contrary, the journalists revealed the stars’ hypocrisy and their slyness, raising some tension between the two sides.

The show airs as a special for the Chinese New Year which is on the 14th.

source: OMGKPOP

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