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I don’t see how Uee’s worser than DooJoon. To me they are a like and the only reason netizens think he’s good is because he’s a guy and the netizens are ajjumas.

honestly his acting scares me.

i think UEE did wrong by playing her first role as a villan, she should have started it as a nice lady.

meanwhile wait for UEE’s once-canceled-but-still-ready-to-air drama. it should air in august.  while i’m waiting for the new Hana kimi^^



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Leader Yoon Doojoon from the ‘boyfriend-idol’ group BEAST made a surprising confession on a radio broadcast.

Doojoon, who currently appears as a guest on KBS Radio ‘Narsha’s Raise the Volume’, was asked if he had ever lied to his manager by DJ Narsha. To this OX question, he first stated, “This might be a bit moderate to say that I fooled him…” and then he added, confessing to the truth, “Once we told the manager hyung that we were going to the convenience store, when we actually came back from secretly playing games.”


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BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and 4Minute’s Hyunah had a heated discussion.

For the latest recording of the episode of KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ which will air on January 16, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon said, “If we completely reveal our apartment, it will be a disaster.” He also confessed, “Our cleaning lady comes twice a week, but our apartment is so dirty that I can’t look her in the eye.”

When Hyunah heard this, she said, “She must be so tired when she comes to clean our home after going to BEAST’s apartment!”

Doojoon replied, “Ajummah said, ‘But you guys are still cleaner than girl idols!'” and made the studio burst into laughter.

Hyunah was also picked by the members as the ‘Member who washes the least.’ When 4minute’s leader Jihyun was asked why she picked Hyunah, she said, “Maybe it’s because her schedule is full and she’s tired, but sometimes she falls asleep without washing up.” But she added, “When she wakes up, she washes several times.”

Jiyoon also said, “When our manager unnie comes into our room, she says it smells sour, but four of us wash up before we go to sleep, so I only thought of one member…” and made Hyunah embarrassed.

The episode airs January 16.

CREDITS: NEWSEN (SOURCE); illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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