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Korea’s top 10 most beautiful women voted by netizens (almost 500,000 – 600,000 people participating) with the site registering almost 5,000,000 clicks per hour!

TOP 10 Beautiful women

1.Goo Hye Sun
2. Hwang Jung Eum
3. Shin Se Kyung
4. Min Sunye
5. Eugene
6. Park Ye Jin
7. Lee Hyori
8. Ahn Sohee
9. Taeyeon
10. Yoon Eun Hye

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Did Hyo-ri copy Gaga?

Popular Korean female singer Lee Hyo-ri may have made a comeback with her fourth album, “H. Logic,” but she’s already facing criticism for the music video for the title song, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Some say that Lee copied Lady Gaga, a top female singer in the United States, by using the image of a glamorous, strong female warrior in her video, just as Lady Gaga does. In the music video, Lee’s fashion, makeup and hairstyle also resemble that of the American singer.

Lee denies that she copied anyone else. “If a person really knew Lady Gaga, I doubt that person would say my style is like hers. GaGa is something special,” she told to a local news agency earlier this week.

Lee is no stranger to criticism, having faced allegations of plagiarism in 2006, and says she remains firm in her desire to try as many different things as possible.

JoongAng Daily

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Interviewer: “Do you regard yourself as a star singer?”

Lee Hyo Ri: “Since I can see many vicious comments about me, I might rank among the top in terms of people’s interest.”

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Sometimes nothing will go according to plan, even when you are a big star like Lee Hyo-ri.

The singer has had her fair share of fame over the past 12 years, starting as the leader of the now disbanded girl group Fin.K.L, then as a solo singer and until recently the host of the popular television show “The Family is Out!” She is now back with a fresh album and, hopefully, a new look and tune, but returning to the pop scene after two years has proven to be tougher than expected.


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1:Lee Hyori (Fin K.L) 57902
2:Tae Yeon (SNSD) 56833
3:Yoona (SNSD) 52747
4:Sung Yuri(Fin.k.l) 49114
5:So Hee(WG) 48591
6:JESSICA (SNSD) 47099
7:Sun Ye(WG) 45002
8:Tiffany (SNSD) 44113
9: Eugene(SES) 40946
10:Goo Hara(kara) 38880
11:Ye Eun(WG) 37218
12:YURI (SNSD) 37082
13:Ok Joo Hyun(Fin.k.l)36274
14:Uee(afterschool) 34835
15:Seo Hyun (SNSD) 33011
16:Yoo Bin(WG) 31693
17:Seung Yeon(Kara) 31805
18:Ji Yeon(T-ara) 29007
19:Sunny (SNSD) 28670
20:Soo Young(SNSD) 27994
21:Sandara Park(2NE1) 27249
22:Ji Young(kara) 25982
23:Ga Hee(afterschool) 25481
24:Hyeo Yeon(SNSD) 25448
25:Park Bom(2NE1) 23761
26:Eun Jung(T- ara) 21045
27:Nicole(Kara) 20613
28:Joo Yeon(afterschool 18491
29:CL(2NE1) 18486
30:Park Gyuri(kara) 16992

Credits to SNSD thread @ Baidu
Translated by Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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1. intro (Hyori’s logic)
2. superstar **
3. Wanna be
4. Girls
5. WANT U X3
6. 내 이름은 이효리, 거꾸로 해도 이효리 (Feat. 전지윤,베카)
7. gossip girl
8. Apologize (Feat. Eric)
9. How are you
11. 인연 (Feat.대성)
12. 사랑해, 미안해 (Feat. Ock Juhyun)
13. Outro (Made in korea)


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