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a somewhat new 5BB!

next year will be a brand new start!

don’t forget to watch MBC Gayo Dajaejun Festival with Wonder girls, SNSD, Miss A, KARA, IU, BEAST and many more! Saturday, December 31st at 10PM KST.


also SBS Gayo Dajaejun on December 29th at 8:50 PM (KST)



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Asuko March crazy

i usually don’t talk about dramas, expecially japanese dramas, but i got to talk about this.  i stilldon’t get if the drama airs every two weeks or every week, confusing..but it shoud air today.

~~yesss!!! it’s ongoing.


i find this drama fun even if has low ratinsg.. damn.. >.< i guess i just missed school drama,but this is really interesting.


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Annoying shippers

i see that some k fandoms like to ship the same artists from one company or ship someone who don’t actually give a fuck about other.

so i party around youtube and see some videos dedicated to A and B , and itake a  look at the comments and find people so ridiciously fighting because  someone thinks A is better with C or B is better with D.

wtf? 0_O

i’ve seen things get nasty like this. this whole imagined shipping should stop. well it’s not a bad thing but don’t get into it like crazy.

to daragon and bom x TOP shippers.

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I have thought about this a lot..

Can you acually believe that 5BB’s will celebrate 2 year anniversary soon? ! ^.^ muhhahaha!

So i have made a decision that 5BlueBirds will become  Japanese and Korean artists fandom.. IDOL fandom, not like it has been since this, when 5BB was for Korean idols only ^.^

I will be back soon !!! muahahah!



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You know i always try to upadate 5BB with latest news so come to twitter and follow!


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I am late. ;(  I started my blog back on December 21, 2008 and last week I finally went over 150,000 page visits. Yay! This blog is now 1 year old. ^^I started this to learn about k-pop and i sure  learned a lot. I’ve posted about 1752 times this year. Thanks to all subscribers. ❤


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(5BB 27.09.09)

Events page is updated now!

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